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Deploying DDOS Deflate

It happens more times than you know, especially if you are not running any kind of monitoring system that sends you alerts.  And even if you are, if the monitoring system is on the same machine, good luck seeing a warning until the DDOS is over.

DDOS Deflate is a Bash shell script that will help you block the attack. This is great for servers that don’t have an existing system like CPhulk Brute Force protection, etc.  It used to be possible to install Portsentry or Tri-Sentry, but a savvy router hardware firm bought those tools, e.g. you can’t get them for free anymore.

As the DDOS Deflate website shows, you can get a lot of mileage out of commands like this:


It lists out the IP’s you are connected to.

To install DDOS Deflate:



chmod 0700



then you see:



Source :

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